Pheasant shooting is, no doubt, a popular sport that many people partake in for fun in many countries. To enjoy pheasant hunting to the limit, however, you need to be skilled at it. Here are some of the expert tips that will grant you success every time you head out for a bird hunting expedition.


Among the considerations you need to keep in mind during driven bird hunting is safety. Remember that a great day of pheasant hunting can be ruined easily if accidents and other undesirable incidents take place. So, ensure that you only point your gun at birds or the ground, ensure it is unobstructed or unloaded before handing it over to someone or picking it up, and using a break barreled shotgun at all times. If birds are too low, avoid shooting at them.


A majority of hunters have issues with visualization, yet it is a critical aspect of driven pheasant hunting. According to bird hunting experts, one of your eyes must be locked on the head or beak of your target bird. A shooter's second eye must remain locked in the space in front of the bird or the direction where it is moving to throughout. To be good at maintaining focus on moving objects, training is required. Bringing focus to the rib or barrels is ill-advised as it will ruin your shot.


When determining the range of birds that you should shoot at, let your equipment and skill levels be your guide. If the shot is way out of range, the only possible outcome is a miss, which is often accompanied by an embarrassing episode. 45 Yards is pretty much the limit for a majority of bird hunters. Be watchful when picking cartridges and shotguns also before heading out for a hunt. Learn more about hunting at


A good shot is achievable if you have perfect coordination of the movement of your feet, torso, and shoulders. Experts also recommend that you follow the line of target appropriately to enable you to judge lead correctly. Good footwork is, particularly critical in getting a good shot. So, before you mount the shotgun, make certain to ensure that foot movements are complete.


Holland and Holland shooting grounds is a source of relaxation for many people. Even if you are a beginner, nervous tension will make you miss many shots. With a positive mindset, you will easily cultivate the art of decisiveness, which is needed abundantly if you are to be considered a great bird shooter. Make use of your nerves or use them to your advantage. If you are anxious, your shots will be terrible since focus and movement will be problematic.



Poor range estimation or failure to know your distances is often a reason why many hunters are unsuccessful in their attempts at pheasant hunting. The best way to be excellent at it is to practice frequently with heights and towers.